Cavalry historians Edward G. Longacre and Eric J. Wittenberg are collaborating on a new regimental history of the Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry. This book will be published by Combined Publishing of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and will be titled Rush’s Lancers: The Story of the Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry. While Messrs. Longacre and Wittenberg have gathered a good portion of the rich legacy of letters and other accounts that reside in public repositories, there are also many other fine resources that are not available to him because they are in private collections or in family hands.

To that end, Messrs. Longacre and Wittenberg are looking for additional material on the Lancers to bolster their research as they move toward completion of their new regimental history. They are interested in obtaining letters by troopers, unpublished memoirs, photographs, or other primary source material. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated and gratefully accepted, and Messrs. Longacre and Wittenberg will be sure to properly credit any such contributions when the time comes to write the new regimental history. Further, they will gladly reimburse any reproduction and postage costs incurred in providing them with material.

If you have material that might be useful to their research, please contact Eric at: [email protected].