Capt. Charles Cadwalader, Co. D

Lt. Theodore Sage, Regimental Quartermaster. Killed by Mosby’s Guerillas, Spring 1864

Pvt. Charles H. Masland, Co. E

Col. Richard H. Rush

Lt. George G. Meade, Jr., Co. A

Capt. Emlen N. Carpenter, Co. E

Unidentified Private, Co. E

Maj. George Clymer

Capt. Robert W. Mitchell, Co. E. Note crossed lances on kepi.

Capt. Robert Milligan, Co. D

Maj. James H. Starr

Lt. Albert P. Morrow, Co. A

Maj. William P. C. Treichel

Maj. John H. Gardiner

Cpl. John Hendrick, Co. H

Maj. Henry C. Whelan

Lt. Col. C. Ross Smith

Maj. Robert Morris, Jr. commanded the Regiment at the Battle of Brandy Station, and was captured there. He died in Richmond’s Libby Prison.

All photos courtesy of the United Sates Army Military History Institute, Carlisle, PA.